The Yochon is a bundle of irresistible cuteness that will steal your heart the moment you lay your eyes on him. Anyone who has seen one in real life or photograph cannot help but want one. The Yochon puppies are even more adorable, if that can be imagined. For those who have not seen one yet, refer to the famous movie, “As Good As It Gets” starring Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt and this wonderful Yochon puppy called, Verdell. That will give you a rough idea about the looks, personality and feel even before you go out looking for Yochon puppies for sale. Visit our main site to see all of the beautiful Yo-chon puppies we have available.

What Breed Is This Dog?

image of yo-chon puppy for saleThe name of this breed may not sound too familiar to many because this is actually not a pure-breed; at least not yet a recognized, registered or accepted by any kennel as pure-breed, even though the dog is a hot favorite throughout the world. This is not a too big a tragedy because a good number of the popular pure-breeds we know today had started out in this manner. In time, this breed too, will get its place and recognition.

So, what is this dog? This is a hybrid toy-dog breed, or as most prefer calling it, a “designer” breed. It is known by many names such as, Yo Chon, Bichon Yorkie, Yorkie-Bichon, Yorkshire Frise, Yorkiechon and Yorkie Bichon among others. It is recognized the American Canine Hybrid Club, where it is named as “Yo-Chon”.

This wonderful toy-dog breed is obtained by crossing a Yorkshire Terrier and a Bichon Frise. With breeders competing to fulfill the ever rising demand for this mini breed, you would not always have the guarantee that the Yo chon puppies you are buying are exact 50:50 split between the parent breeds.

The characteristics of the Yo chon puppies for sale would depends upon the purity of the breed of the parents. Hence, to determine their personality it is a good idea to inquire about the parents’ pedigree.

Is The Yochon Puppy A Good Idea For You?

Before you buy or gift one of these cute toy dogs, check out what you would expect from them. Do not be caught into being compelled to buy one cutie from among the Yochon puppies for sale you found in the pet shop. Do your homework well; and only if you are sure that you can commit to take care of the little bundle of joy for the next 15 or so years, you pick one up.


The Yochon is cuteness personified. A miniature breed, this dog will reach maximum 12 inches in height and about 8-10 pounds in weight. It has a dense coat that comes in many colors, i.e. white, gray, golden, light brown, dark brown, cream, blonde and black. It has a square-ish muzzle, bright and intelligent eyes and floppy ears that can come up when it is over excited. As you will notice from the many Yochon puppies for sale, the tail comes in many sizes.

The Personality Of The Yochon Puppies

adorable yochon puppies for sale imageThere is nothing tiny about this little fellow’s personality. The Yochon puppy is a courageous, playful and high energy animal. They enjoy company very much and love to be around the family, children and other pets. This breed may sometimes get a little yappy, but if trained young and well, they will obey your commands and be a very well-behaved dog when in company and/ or alone.

They are not timid; you might have to curb his desire to put everyone in place. The Yo Chon will rarely back off and can be quite territorial. The best would be that you train him early, as a puppy and you will have a wonderfully obedient adult. They love to go out for walks and playing in the park. They are a bundle of energy that seems to run continuously without every depleting.

The Yochon is funny, hugely intelligent and quite naughty (in a very sweet way). They are not destructive, but if they feel neglected or left alone, they might attack the furniture and the stuff that they find around them.

On the downside, this breed can become very attached to his owner and suffer separation anxiety when left alone. He may also be afraid of stranger.

Yochon puppies for sale – How Do You Choose One?

You go with the intention of buying one and you end up wanting to buy the whole lot. They are so unbearably cute that your heart twists with pain for leaving anyone behind. However, you need to focus on buying only one. To get the best among the litter, look for the following signs:

  • should be the one Yo-chon puppy for sale, who is totally full of spunk;
  • eyes should be bright and “understanding”; in other words, you will feel that he is looking straight at you and understands whatever you are telling him;
  • the coat should be soft and un-entangled;
  • should be clean; the hair combed and shiny;
  • should be full of life.

Training And Maintenance

The Yochon is eager to please and hence, easily trained. You can actually train him anytime during his life, but for best results do it when he is about 3-4 months. Use positive reinforcement and tasty treats and you will be amazed at the speed with which the little fellow learns what you want him to do. Teach him to tolerate a brush early; though his hair does not shed much, it may get matted if not groomed regularly.

Be aware that they might pick a few annoying habits such as yapping and showing aggression over territory and things they feel they own. However, cute as they look being tiny and growling – do not encourage it. These annoying habits can very quickly get out of hand and you will find yourself with an unruly, albeit very cute, snappy dog who no one wants to be around.

Overall, this is a low maintenance dog, who stays healthy, requires little exercise and a lot of love.

Feeding The Yochon Puppy

Do not make a big deal about food and you will have a great dog who never gives you any grief about what it eats. Indulge him and soon you will have a little monster who will not touch anything but the exact thing he likes, driving you crazy about his food.

Be strict about eating habits. When puppy, feeding should be offered four times a day. Allow the puppy eat his fill; when he loses interest or the food is left served for about 10 minutes, take it away. Do not give him anything until the next meal time. Keep to this regime and you will have a great pet on your hands. When he reaches adulthood you may feed him once (a large meal) or twice (smaller meals).

Water on the other hand, should always be there within his reach. Toy dogs can get dehydrated very quickly; ensure that they drink enough water.

Before you make your decision, check out a few fun facts about these lovely toy dogs. Did you know that…

  • The Yo Chon does not shed? Hence, this toy breed is an excellent choice for those who want a dog, but are allergic to dog hair and dander.
  • These puppies are not afraid to take a stand against dogs 10 times their size? And more often than not win?
  • The Yochon can be an excellent watch dog? They are territorial and very alert and will immediately react to the presence of strangers.