Teddy bear is a relatively new breed of dog that has been around for about two decades. This snug pet that’s extremely smart makes a wonderful family companion. If you want a loyal and gentle yet very intelligent pet companion, a teddy bear puppy is more preferable. Visit our main site to see all of the Teddy Bear puppies we have for sale.

An In-depth Look at Teddy Bear Puppies

Also known as Shichon or Zuchon, this puppy is a hybrid of 2 dog varieties that is; The Shih Tzu and the Bichon Frise dogs.

Teddy Bear is a name that refers to a cross-breed between these two canine species. The mix of these two breeds results in an almost perfect dog. They have a great mix of energy and cuddling. You can not go wrong with a Teddy Bear puppy.

Many people usually refer to the Shichon dog breed as Teddy Bear due to its little size, large eyes, fluffy coat, delicate features and a general similarity to a regular teddy bear. Teddy bear puppies do not only come in brown color; black, white, red, pink, and even blue puppies also exist.

Shichon puppies are very loyal pets that really enjoy physical contact. That’s why it’s not uncommon for your adorable pet to take a daytime nap on your lap or at your feet. Also, these innocent little creatures do not usually bark unless when they see a new face or sense danger.

What’s more, teddy bear puppies are soft as well as cuddlesome, and they do not shed at all. Additionally, these fantastic family companions produce very little dander. Therefore, they are hypoallergenic, hence a better choice for any allergic person.

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Why Shichon Puppies Are More Desirable than Other Puppy Breeds

Over the last few years, teddy bear puppies have enjoyed tremendous popularity among pet lovers, thanks to the positive effect that these designer dogs have on our health. Shichon puppies are very effective in alleviating numerous chronic health problems as you shall see in the subsequent paragraphs;

  1. No More Anxiety
    • If you are a type of a person who is anxious about going outdoors, the companionship of your puppy can provide comfort, help reduce anxiety, and build your self-confidence. Since animals do not worry about yesterday or tomorrow, your adorable little pooch will help you to become more mindful and thankful for the present moment.
  2. A Healthy Daily Physical Fitness Routine
    • Caring for your teddy bear puppy means you will be taking it outdoors for a walk, run or hike. All these activities are fun as well as rewarding ways to integrate a healthy daily workout into your routine. In fact, statistics show that people who own dogs are twice as likely to accomplish their daily physical fitness requirements than people who don’t own these pets—and doing exercise regularly is beneficial to the pet as well.
  3. A Regular Daily Routine with these Puppies Keeps You Balanced and Calm
    • Teddy bear puppies need a consistent feeding and workout schedule. Just like Shichon teddy bear puppies, having a regular routine keeps you balanced and calm. Irrespective of your mood (whether you are anxious, stressed or depressed)—one compassionate look from your pet and you will have to get up to feed, do a physical routine, and care for the pet.
  4. Improved Social Life
    • Your puppy can be an incredible source of social motivation, helping you start as well as maintain new friendships. When you take him/her outdoors, most probably you will meet other dog owners, and perhaps stop and say hi to one other. You will also meet new individuals in many other venues that you may visit such as pet stores and more
  5. Finding Meaning and Joy in your Life
    • As years go by in life, you begin to part with things that previously gave meaning to your life and occupied your time. Your loved ones may move out of your house to find their own places. Looking after your Shichon puppy can bring joy as well as help boost your optimism and sense of self-confidence. Also, knowing that you have provided refuge to an animal that may otherwise undergo cruelty elsewhere gives you a sense of fulfillment.
    • Having a teddy bear pooch as part of your family can help your kids grow up more secure and active. Your poodle will provide valuable companionship for your family and add real joy as well as unconditional love to everyone’s life.
  6. Stress Relief
    • Did you know that touch as well as movement are two effective ways to overcome stress instantly? The two methods are said to reduce blood pressure, and what’s more, they can help you feel calmer as well as less stressed. Stroking your Shichon puppy can be an incredible way to attain sensory stress relief.
  7. Promoting Vitality
    • Looking after yourself is the easiest way you can defeat several physical challenges of aging. Shichon puppies promote fun; they encourage laughter, playfulness, and work which can help ramp up your immune system as well as boost your energy.

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Teddy Bear Puppies for Sale

Teddy bear puppies have drastically become popular among dog lovers, thanks to the positive effect that these little and innocent creatures have on our health. If you are looking for a new pet to share your life with, the good news is there are plenty of teddy bear dogs for sale on the web. It’s advisable to follow the correct procedure to increase your chances of finding the right puppy. Don’t just visit an online store and make a purchase, think about size, temperament, coat and color first to find a pet that is suitable for you and family.


Teddy Bear puppies make great family dogs; they bring to us lots of fun and affection. There are plenty of these little and innocent creatures for sale more or so on the Web. Now you know pretty well what Shichon puppies are, so finding the right puppy shouldn’t be a challenge. When you are looking for teddy bear puppies for sale near you, it is advisable to have a thorough look around the seller’s site so you can learn all there’s to know about this particular breed of puppies! Shichon Teddy Bear is a wonderful pet that you can’t afford not to keep if you are a fan of dogs.