buy a pomsky online imageA Pomsky is a cross breed between a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian. A mating usually consists of a male Pomeranian and a female Siberian husky. This is to avoid any interference that may cause due to male Pomeranian genes succeeding the female Siberian husky genes which may lead to a larger husky body with a Pomeranian appearance.

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Basic information about Pomsky puppies

Siberian husky (Female Counterpart for breeding of Pomsky) – A Pomsky puppy is a cross breed between a Siberian husky and a Pomeranian. Siberian husky is a nice medium size hard working dog belongs to the domestic dog genetic family. Siberian husky originated in northeastern Siberia. Siberian husky has the thick-furred double coat, triangular ears. Siberian husky was bred by the Chukchi people who were the hunter. A Siberian husky coat is thicker than most another dog in the world. Siberian husky has blue or multicolored eyes. Siberian husky comes in a variety of colors like white paws and legs and tail tip. The most common coat are white and black and rare color is copper red and white, grey and white, pure white. Siberian husky needs fifteen-minute training class daily. Life expectancy of an average Siberian husky is twelve (12) to fourteen (14) years of age.

Pomeranian (Male counterpart for breeding of Pomsky) – The male counterpart of breeding Pomsky puppies is Pomeranian. The Pomeranian is referred to as a toy dog due to its small size and cute looks. These dogs are originated from Poland, Central Europe. These breeds are made popular due to its number of royal owners like Queen Victoria since the eighteenth century. They appear in various colors like black, brown, white, golden, etc. They usually have a thick, double coat of furs. Grooming is not at all difficult for this breed but breeders recommend that the dog should be groomed every now and then. They have a lively, friendly and playful temperament but can be aggressive to other dogs. They are very alert and aware of different changes in their environment. Life expectancy of an average Pomeranian is twelve (12) to sixteen (16) years. They must be provided with a well-maintained diet and regular doses of outdoor exercises to avoid various health problems and lead a healthy life.

Pomsky – Crossing of a female Siberian husky and male Pomeranian gives an impure new breed line known as Pomsky. These little charming dogs were an aggressive hit all over the planet. Pomsky has been around for 20 years or so. They were introduced by America and Canada to the whole world. The parent breeds of Pomsky, Siberian husky and Pomeranian, both belong to the spitz family due to which the breeding was successful. Their temperamental traits and appearance have been passed to Pomsky. Although, Pomeranian are smaller in size nowadays but their ancestors were large working dogs at the Arctic region of the world.


The average height of male is 10 – 15in and of female is 10 – 15in.

The average weight of male is 20 – 30lbs and of female is 20-30lbs.

They appear in a variety of colors like brown, cream, grey, tan, etc.

Temperament – Their temperament depends on wholly upon the parent’s temperament and environmental up bringing. They are considered to be one of the highly intelligent and playful dogspomsky puppy image by nature. They love outdoor traveling due to which early socialization is their natural traits. These charming dogs are quick in learning new things and pick up behaviors fast. They should be enrolled in a puppy class so that it learns to pick up the orders and control its stubborn behavior. They are a great fun to be around and enjoy human company.

Health – Average lifespan of a puppy is thirteen (13) to fifteen (15) years of age. They should be well fed with an appropriate well-balanced diet suitable for their respective age. They need a regular dose of outdoor playing and walking to lead a fit life. A minimum of 30 minutes of exercise and a short walk in the morning are essential.

Grooming – They have a soft fluffy coat that needs to be groomed on a regular basis to make sure that their skin and fur are kept in top condition. They shed quite a lot during the spring and autumn season. They need to visit grooming parlor several times in a year to maintain their fur and coat.

Feeding – Owner should maintain a proper feeding schedule to avoid tummy upsets and other diseases. A Pomsky pup must have diet routine that is prescribed by a vet. And an adult must have proper meal twice a day (morning and evening) with proper food that has high nutritional value. Don’t overfeed the dog as it may cause obesity and shorten its lifespan.

Maintenance Cost – You must register to buy the pup from an authentic breeder as there is a huge waiting list for this rare dog. The dog must have a proper insurance for a month basic cover or for a lifetime policy. Some of the additional costs include cost of best quality foods, initial vaccinations and nurturing cost.

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