morkie pupPets are very lovable companions and can bring a smile to our faces even when we don’t feel up to it or not particularly having the best of days. Of the different kinds of pets one could imagine, dogs and puppies are very commonly considered man’s best friend. If we talk about one of the cutest breed of pets, we have to mention the Morkie puppies, yes the ones with that innocent look that makes us want to scoop them up and place on our laps. They’re a cross breed between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese. They are considered the “designer breed” with United States as their country of origin where they were originally bred to be lapdogs. The American Kennel Club does not consider the Morkies as a “bonafide breed’ of dog however; Morkies do have recognition by the International Canine Registry and Designer Dog Registry. Morkie puppies makes great pets and have a lot of depth in personality just like their parent breeds and are very loving, happy and loyal to their owners. Let us check out some interesting details about this cute breed which attract owners to buy.

Morkie puppies may flaunt brown, black or tan color long, soft coats and while some have the Maltese floppy ears some may have more pointed ears like a Terrier. They are small in size weighing just around 4-12 pounds. Daily grooming and cleaning is recommended when well-groomed will definitely make you take a look twice with their cute eyes. Dental hygiene is also important for a Morkie puppy with teeth brushing to be done at least 2-3 times per week. Daily brushing of their coats is also very important or else it may get easily tangled and matted. While giving them a bath use mild soap and take extra care as they are very small.

Before looking for Morkies for sale, you need to know that they are considered allergy free and they do not shed their coats at all. So, if you have severe allergies around pets especially dogs, getting one may be a good idea. They are very affectionate and form a strong bond with their owners very easily. So, when you buy a puppy you are getting a very loyal companion and friend whose adorable eyes will charm you. With all the playing and ball chasing, puppies do build up a huge appetite and it is best option to give them superior quality dry kibble. Morkie’s love to play with kids and also with other small pets. Sadly, as they are tiny and very delicate, you have to pay extra care and attention.

Training Morkies is easy when done in a loving and patient manner. They fare better when with older kids and adults. If they do not get sufficient exercise and training, they will get easily bored.  Making sure that any puppy gets adequate attention and training is the first step in making a successful pet and family member.

Morkie puppies for sale will attract you due to their cuteness and size. Though they are literally not the size of a teacup but are small enough to snuggle inside your pocket. They are really tiny and weigh just around 4 pounds. While the teacup may be just a few ounces heavy, they cannot take in heavy meals as they have small stomach. When you see one for sale, it is very hard to resist temptation and bring one home as they are a highly sought after breed. Due to their fragility, puppies may not do really well with very small children and can easily get hurt. So, the next time you see puppies for sale, you know that you have to take really good care of them by devoting your time.cute morkie puppy for sale

Also, when you plan to buy a puppy you need to be aware that they are also very intelligent and could benefit from socialization training right from the beginning; they can be good students who are eager to bond and fit in your family. Due to the closeness and bonding that Morkie puppies share with their owner and family, they are only ok to leave alone for short periods of time. So, leave them alone only if you must go to work, but no longer than 8 hours.  They also don’t bark a lot but also are very sensitive to any strange activity around the home and they are able to alert the owner about any strangers lurking. When left on their own, they can be trained to be well adapted to your so that they do not destroy anything. Kennel training is the best method as it will keep them and your home safe while you are away.

Many local breeders and online breeders such as and  do have Morkie dogs for sale. If you plan to start training and getting close bonding easily, it is recommended to get pups rather than dogs as with any other pets. They adjust well in apartment living and also could live in houses with fenced yards as they love to play a lot and exercise so that they are not bored.

So, the next time you plan to buy Morkie puppies know that they require your love and care and always expect that you could have them as part of your family for a long time. Another important fact to be considered while buying puppies is that there is no guarantee that they will grow up as adult dogs to look as adorable as they did as puppies. Due to their cross breed, the looks might change as they grow and there is a degree of uncertainty. That being said, there definitely is a growing demand and supply chain for puppies and they are very expensive too due to their “designer” status; sometimes costing more than a thousand dollars each. The above brief information regarding them will help you to choose better when you next view puppies for sale at or  Both sites offer vet checked, vaccinated, and warrantied puppies.  They have been offering puppies for years.